A new year, a new art to learn

A little before christmas time I have been hinting to my husband how i wanted to get into linoleum block printing, to my "surprise" he got me a starter kit with inks, gouges and roller to get familiar with the process. I was hooked as I soon as I made my first "carve." Having always painted bold and graphic paintings, I figured this new craft would lend itself well to my style. Although I still have to learn the proper way to line up the print with paper and the registration process, I am kind of doing this on a trial and error basis.

When first creating a design I wanted to carve out, I went with what I knew best, nature and florals and my favorite wild creatures. It took me a little while to really get the hang of it and figure out how to carve out clean and detailed shapes. I still have a lot to learn, but am super excited with the possibilities. I recently tried block printing on some organic cotton material and really loved the result. I want to create some banners, which involves sewing (another art I need to learn :)) Anyway, if you check out my instagram @derwoodpaintco you can follow along with my progress. I am so excited and inspired not only during the process, but the final result. Check out some of the latest prints below…


What's NEW!

Hello to you people out there reading this! Things have been crazy lately, been planning to paint and draw and every time I get the chance, something comes up! You know the deal, anyway I will be trying my hardest to add some work to the Etsy shop (paintings, painted pots, maybe some pencil drawings)

Thanks for your patience!

Custom Pet Portraits!

Looking to immortalize your furry, feathered, and four-legged friends? Derwood Paint Co. is a friend to all animals and loves to bring smiles to the faces of fellow pet-owners with one-of-a-kind pet portraits. Based on client request, portraits can be done with paint on wood or gouache on professional watercolor paper. If you have a specific color palette or size recommendation, please let me know, and I will be happy to accommodate. 

Please email for more information on specifications and pricing.


Ok, unrelated post...kind of.My wedding is coming up verrry soon, eek! I am laying out my own invitations, and i have been gathering a little inspiration folder on my desktop. I have always found myself drawn to older album covers, particularly of the rock n' roll and country persuasion. The chunky, curvy and bold fonts, the big hair, the faded colors. Below are some albums that just MIGHT inspire my wedding invite...Hmm we will see!