INSPIRATION: Music to paint to

I love watching some old clips on youtube and on the internets ;) So I decided, this blog here is not only news of what's going on, but what inspires me! Glen Campbell is singer I started to listen to because my Dad always liked him, he is just feel good country lovin music. and Linda Ronstadt is also one of my favorites, her voice makes me melt and also when it's playing my car loud, I sing along and I think my voice sounds good, ya know?

A Fresh New Look!

Being a graphic designer, you would have thought I would have given my original Derwood Paint Co. logo a little more thought, it was always rather simple and undeveloped. Just recently, I decided I need to give Derwood a fresh new  "face lift" I wanted to create a mark that was simple but had bold character. A mark that was not too specific to any body of work that I have done. I am really looking forward to see what's in store for Derwood, and how this new identity can grow! 

Handpainted Motorcycle Helmets

Was going to include these photos in the previous post, but figured they were worthy of their own! These are a couple helmets i hand painted recently, and had on display at a recent bike show and swap. I sold the buffalo one which was painted on an older hardly worn helmet found at collingwood auction. The other one is still for $ale folks!

Photos below taken by Travis Tanay Photography

But first here is a progress vid set to Harry Nilsson:


Cheap Thrills Bike Show & Swap

Attended a rad bike show "Cheap Thrills" organized by my friend Dusty. Set up a table with some new paintings and a couple hand painted helmets. Ended up selling my treasured buffalo helmet! Enjoy some photos below from before the event, working on at the event photos taken by by man Travis. 

Here are some images taken at the show:

Organizing my work with one hand, a cold one in the other ;)

Organizing my work with one hand, a cold one in the other ;)

Table view

Table view

Table view, and some beers, lifestyle shot hah

Table view, and some beers, lifestyle shot hah

My friend Alicia, who is pretty much my hype woman/sales team. She talks me up better than myself! Thanks girl!

My friend Alicia, who is pretty much my hype woman/sales team. She talks me up better than myself! Thanks girl!

MINI MURALS at The Whitechapel Projects

October 24, 2015 - Mini Murals at THE WHITECHAPEL PROJECTS painted 8 x 8' mural, along with six other awesome NJ artists. Largest painting to date. Great experience.  More info below, taken from

The Whitechapel Projectsa Long Branch-based venue currently being developed into a nanobrewery, restaurant and art destination, today announced it will host Mini Murals on Saturday, October 24, 2015. Spearheading the new art installations, The Whitechapel Projects’ developer Preston Casertano will invite celebrated New Jersey artists to create mini-murals on the exterior of the Long Branch-based venue. Liquitex, an industry leader and innovator in acrylic paints, sprays, markers and art supplies, will support the artists participating in this community-driven mural event with all necessary art supplies available in its fully intermixable product range.

Slated to kick-off at 10:00 am on Saturday, October 24, 2015, Mini Murals will feature the works of several talented local artist including:

  • Gary Mellon
  • Jenn Shauger
  • Jimmy Leslie
  • Neil O’Brien
  • Puddin Aylward
  • Robert Leecock
  • Scott Thiele

    "I am excited to welcome and showcase the works of such a talented group of artists at The Whitechapel Projects. Their participation in this celebration of art marks the third major installation in an ongoing creative movement that is shaping the evolution of the space,” commented Preston Casertano, owner of The Whitechapel Projects. “This venue is designed to evoke thought and celebrate art in all of its forms. This work will go on to populate The Whitechapel Projects and add to the character of the space.”

Artists will begin creating site-specific pieces Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 15-17 Second Ave. Long Branch, New Jersey. These mini-murals are slated to be completed by Monday, October 26, 2015, and will remain intact during the reconstruction process of the interior of the building.

“We at Liquitex are thrilled to be support our local New Jersey art community and artists,” commented Jimmy Leslie, resident artist for Liquitex and its associated brands Winsor & NewtonConté á Paris and director of their Fine Art Collective. “As a participant in this weekend’s events, I am proud to produce a work next to all of the artists participating.”

With several installations in the works for The Whitechapel Projects, the property is on track to becoming a premier artist destination on the East Coast.

This project is produced by Preston Casertano, with video and photography by M Studio, and materials sponsored by Liquitex.